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Havana Yacht Club
Havana Yacht Club


A wave of nostalgia is sweeping the world!

Today in my art studio in Guanajuato (a small town in the mountains of central Mexico) I am enjoying a sense of “deja-vu” by designing porcelain signage art that celebrates eras of the past. Inspiration for my images comes from stepping back in time and rendering a mix of historic accuracy with artistic interaction. The process of putting the art in porcelain form, uses the exact methods as used in the past.

Porcelain colors have a wonderful luster that have no comparison and porcelain is impervious to moisture, dryness and sunlight, so it will not fade or deteriorate. This art can be displayed and enjoyed anywhere – indoors with other art, outdoors on the garden wall, in sunny areas, in bathrooms and even in the kitchen near the stove (neither heat nor grease will damage it, and it can be washed with soap and water).

Framing this art is not necessary, as our steel “canvasses” are folded over on the edges, and folded again with the corners welded, creating an attractive finished appearance which needs no frame. It is “self framed.”

I believe this porcelain art will give you many years of enjoyment and the pieces will themselves become collectible.

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Rouge Blanc Porcelain Sign
Rouge / Blanc

Our signs measure 17 5/8″ (448 mm) wide and 20 1/4″ (514 mm) tall, and about 1 3/8″ (35 mm) thick. 
Back of sign with hanging wire

Self framed, ready to display!