Glass Grinder for porcelain signs

Colored Glass for making porcelain signs

Putting art into porcelain form begins when my subject has been chosen, and the image has been designed to my satisfaction. The next step is to apply a fixed base coat of dark colored porcelain (vitreous glass particles) onto both front and back sides of the steel “canvass.”

The “canvass” is then carefully placed into a kiln, which is heated to about 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit, where it remains for close to 20 minutes. When the piece begins to glow red, the granulated glass particles melt and bond to the steel, forming a porcelain coat.

Then our artisans match each color I have chosen for the image, from a collection of colored vitreous glass, and tumbles each color of glass in a rotation drum, until it becomes very fine particles called “frit.” The artisan then applies by hand, one of the chosen colors of the vitreous glass onto the porcelain coated steel “canvass.”

The “canvass” is then carefully placed into the kiln again, for that color to melt and bond.

It is then taken from the kiln and allowed to cool. Each different color goes through the same process, one at a time, until all the colors are fused onto the steel.

The entire process is time consuming and tedious, but the result is worth it. Art that is truly unique, lustrous and durable.